Cheap, essential iPad accessories

First up you need a screen protector.

I found one for the iPad that fits perfect, is anti-glare (you can’t see a mirror of yourself) and the price is right. For how cheap it is, Might as well buy a couple just in case you screw up the first application. It DOES reduce the clarity of the screen a bit, obviously you need to if you want reduced glare, but I don’t even notice it. If you have ever used the PowerSupport Anti-glare film before, its pretty much exactly the same thing, but 1/4 the price.  The photos below are all with the screen protector on, and you can see how anti-glare it is for yourself.

Second you should get a protective case/cover.

I figured I’d want a leather case that can double up as a stand and a silicone case. I bought both, but really only use the leather case as the stand up feature is really useful.

The leather case that I bought is great quality. The flap at the rear flips around to the ribs on the front for an adjustable viewing angle, and is magnetized to keep it from flopping around. The actual front cover itself is also magnetized. The stitching and fit is good and for $12 bucks you can’t complain. The only issue is that it covers up the iPad’s light sensor (for brightness adjustment. Personally this doesn’t bother me, as I didnt even realise until about 2 weeks of having it on..)

The black silicone iPad case I got fits well, gives you much better grip but I don’t think I will use it often. The leather case fits my needs much better. But if you want something like this, then the one I’ve listed will be fine.

Last but not least, Car charging.

You’ll want to charge your iPad on the go, say when you are in the car..I bought this 12v stubby cigarette lighter adapter and it charges the iPad fine (i.e it doesn’t report NOT CHARGING). Its rated at 1000mA and happily charges my Blackberry Curve 8900 as well. Just BYO cable and you’re set.

So, here is your shopping list:

iPad anti-glare screen protector
Lleather iPad case with built in stand

iPad black silicone case
1000mA 12v iPad/USB Car Charger

Total cost:  Under $25 AUD (inc. shipping!)

Gotta love Deal Extreme. Check out their iPad stuff here.

While i’m riding the iPad post train, I’ll be putting up two more in the next week or so – One on tethering your iPad to iPhone/Blackberry/Android phone (Sucked in if you bought the 3G iPad) and another one on some applications. Stay tuned.

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July 20th, 2010 at 12:27 am

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