I’m on the Dropbox Bandwagon.

Installed a program called Dropbox yesterday.

If you have a few computers/devices (I.e Desktop PC, Laptop, iPad/Phone, etc) and want an easy way to backup and share files/photos between these then you should get this program.

It will setup a folder on each of your computers and then whatever you put in it – will be synced and available through all your other devices with Dropbox installed – and online too.

The service is free, but only for a maximum of 2GB of data. If you sign up via this link then we’ll both get an extra 250mb of space.

Very easy to setup. The iPad functionality is pretty cool..its easy for me to drop a bookmark into the dropbox folder and then be able to visit it on the iPad.

You can put photos in it and easily share them online via a link.

For me, since I have all these devices everywhere and need an easy way to share between them – this saves me emailing or copying between. Also, if your PCs are all on the same network (i.e at home) – Its smart enough to not send things out through the internet, and then re-download it on the will use your local network to do all transfers.


Written by Aaron

September 20th, 2010 at 11:03 am

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