Japan – Day 1

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After what could only be described as a mad rush from the last 3 days of wedding and family commitments, we are finally in Japan..A interesting (and cold) honeymoon ahead!

Arrived to Narita, ~6am – By the time you pass through Customs (and notice how many people are wearing face masks) it was about 645am before we got some Limo bus gaming tickets (3000 yen a pop – pretty cheap considering it was a long journey) for 705am.

On the dot, 7:05am – The bus rocks in. We get our luggage put into the hold, and off we go…Bus attendants bowing to the Bus as it pulled out..

2 hours later..we finally make it to Shinjuku station. After a quick look around to gather our bearings we found our way down to Hotel Sunroute, our home for the next 8 days. Awesome location too, 2-3min walk from the station.

Dropped our bags off, it was about 9ish and we had 5 hours to kill before we could check in at 2PM.

Walked down to Odakyu – A big shopping center on top of Shinjuku station – Closed! Spotted a Uniqlo clothing store that’d we heard about around the corner too..all closed until 10am.

Wondered into a Starbucks and somehow managed to order a coffee. Sarah grabbed a macadamia and white choc cookie, which was great. Coffee was pretty..milky. Killed a good 35 minutes sitting around and talking before we went back to have a look at online gaming Odakyu.

So we walk in, pretty much the first people in there.. All the staff are bowing to us, and saying good morning. So polite, its almost awkward. We get used to it quickly. Clothing first, then up on the next floor..Electronics heaven. We are in BIC Camera now. My first department store experience..

6-7 floors of all sorts of things electronics. Huge range of all video/photo camera gear to phones, watches, PC parts, Gaming consoles.. It was crazy.

Played with the new Nintendo 3DS which had Street Fighter 4 3D on it, pretty good..the screen is actually very nice, not sure how I would go looking at it full time though. They were 25,000yen, and came out only a few days ago. Tempted!

After all that running around, We went back to the Hotel. I actually thought it was 2PM because I was looking at a clock which we didn’t set back..oops. Looked at the restraurants around the area, and decided we’d give the local Sushi a try. A short walk back up the street and we arrive at Sakaezushi.

For 680yen (Set menu) we had 2x Miso soup, 1x Mixed bowl of all sorts of Sushi and 2x cups of tea. Personally thought it was pretty good, Sarah tried a few of the sushi rolls but is still getting accustomed to eating Japanese food.

Done with that, Went to Uniqlo – Picked up a hoody/shirt and also popped into Sega City for one game of SFIV:AE – Got beaten by some Zangief player..couldn’t find the LoL card machine for the game so I’ll come back later and check it out, I also want to show you the reviews of gaming monitors I checked out last week, I think I am getting one.

Failing with Wifi on the Ipad around the Hotel, We went to Yodobashi Camera to try and find a power pack for Sarah’s dead Acer AspireOne. After a couple of minutes talking to this nice bloke who knew some english, we walked out with what we needed.

Anyway, the rest of the day pans out like this – We get macca’s, come back to the Hotel, Get the Laptop working – Skype with some family to let them know we actually made it here, then I went back to Sega City on my own to play some SFIV:AE – Got a card this time…Good old Dhalsim is getting a bit of Japanese experience.

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Its 1:30am now – Time to get some rest and head into Ginza in the morning.

<img src=”×200.jpg” alt=”” title=”Limo Bus @ Narita Airport” width=”300″ height=”200″ class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-305″ />

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March 2nd, 2011 at 3:40 am

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  1. Hey! I just got back from my first trip to Japan less than a week ago! The place is awesome. Going anywhere besides Tokyo?


    2 Mar 11 at 10:22 am

  2. Yo, Yeah it is awesome so far! Heading down to Osaka next long were you here for?

    Aaron Tan

    2 Mar 11 at 10:18 pm

  3. We were there for 2 weeks. I found Tokyo overwhelming but it was incredible fun! I managed to break away from the group and when we went from Ginza station (I think) to the Fish market (with the most incredible sushi restaurants ever) and I then split up for the arvo and walked down to Tokyo bay to go to the Super Autobacs. It’s just awesome.

    We went to Osaka and Kyoto as well and it was so worth it. You’re going to have to check out Dotonbori when you’re in Osaka for the massive restaurant and shopping strips. I imagine that’s probably something you’re likely to do anyway but it’s really quite enormous 😀


    3 Mar 11 at 12:20 pm

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