Japan – Day 2

Woke up about 930am. Headed out to the Shinjuku train station and bought a Toei Day pass for ourselves and tried to find our way to Ginza.

Was a bit of an adventure. Took the Oedo Line (E) Daimon and then got onto the Akasuka Line (A) to Shimbashi where we were going to get onto the Ginza Line..Only thing is the (G) line is a Tokyo Metro our tickets obviously didn’t work.

Didn’t matter though, we walked out and decided to walk the rest of the way. While looking at a map, a nice japanese business man stopped and asked if we needed help..and kindly pointed us in the right direction. 5 minutes later and we were looking down the main strip of Ginza.

Lots of stores, the street looks nicer than the ones we’ve seen already.

Walked into a few big stores, lots of the big expensive brands here. Sarah got some MAC makeup, cheaper than back in Australia. Went and saw this Nissan thing, which was just a small exhibition on the zero emissions Nissan Leaf. Looked good, must have been fully functional too I guess.

Stopped at the Apple Store to find where the Juicy Couture store is in Japan. After whoring their free internet for about 5 minutes one of the store people asked if we needed help (Japanese are helpful!) and he ended up finding the store for us (The address we put in wasnt recognised off the English site) and even printed out the directions for us!

After walking up and back to where we started, walked into the Toy Park store that we strolled past the first time. A 5 storey store devoted to all sorts of toys and games is something I haven’t seen in Australia for a LONG tme! and it was awesome. There was even this huge scalectrix track that I had a go on. 200yen for a few minutes, and it was awesome..the guys looking after it were dressed in overalls and all, one of them got in on the action and gave me some competition. Very fun, better than I remember it being when I was 6-7 yrs old.

We bought a Kendama, a Tomy GXBuggy (a mini RC buggy that does flips and jumps!), a little Totoro plush and a toy coinbox with a little kitten inside, its paw comes out and grabs coins that you put on a little plate (totally japanese).

Had some lunch at the Ginza Lion – A sort of beer place – Got some Curry rice (Kari Raisu) with deep fried Pork cutlets (Tonkatsu) and a beer.

On the way back, we did the right thing this time and walked to Shiodome on the Oedo Line, which was also a short walk from Ginza – Which took us straight back to Shinjuku. In fact right to our hotel, as we found there is a station entry literally next door. Loving the location of this hotel!

Sarah wanted to have a nap, I wanted to play some games – so off to Club Sega again for some SSFIV. There were 3 Dhalsim’s playing this time, which was pretty cool. Got a 6 win streak and then lost a few. Went back to the Hotel at about 6PM and got some dinner at First Kitchen, a bit of a fast food store on the corner. Sarah had some soupy dish and I had a prawn burger. After this we went into the Lumine centre for a look around. Found an amazing little food court/market with all sorts of steamed dumplings, sweets, cakes and sushi. Bought some Gyoza and other little dumplines – Will come back here for sure.

Now back at the Hotel..Ready to check out Roppongi and Aoyama tomorrow for more shopping.

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March 2nd, 2011 at 11:01 pm

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