Japan – Day 3

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Sunny Day! On the way out of the hotel we bump into a friend who happened to get here on Tuesday, and is staying in the same hotel. This is after we found out he was in Japan via Facebook. Small world.

Entered Shinjuku station via the elevators (literally next door to the hotel) and loaded up some Pasmo cards for our public transport adventures. After finding out yesterday we were limited to the Toei subway with the daily tickets we bought, these prepaid cards work everywhere and save us the hassle.

The plan today was to find the Juicy Couture store, which is in Minato. We got off at the Omotesandō station and walked out..where it was absolutely FREEZING. Windchill was breaking us here. After getting our bearings, we started heading towards Minami-Aoyama – An boutique area with all your big brands.

Wondered through a few times, was absolutely sure we were in the right area. Sarah wanted to go into the big Miu Miu store, which was very lavish..had a look around there..then went into the Marc Jacobs down the street. Broke out some of the Japanese on the store assistant there who kindly told us that the Juicy Couture store had closed down in January. Let me just say, The Juicy Couture website needs to be, the stupid address is wrong..we were typing it into Google Maps (as noted in Day 2 at the Apple Store) and wondering why it wasnt working. Secondly, It doesn’t even matter if the stupid store is CLOSED DOWN. Why not just remove the stupid wrong entry!

Anyway, we wondered around the area and saw a cherry blossom tree sprouting so that was pretty cool.

Also the Prada store looked amazing.

Next up, time to walk down to Shibuya. We wandered out to the main street..and it was bloody windy. Lucky I brang the little pocketwarmers, bought yesterday. Sarah hogged both of them in her pockets while we hid away in a Starbucks to get organised.

Stopped again at some sort of Bakery place and bought some snacks. Engrish at its best with a label stating something was “Rape Blossom”.

10 minutes later..we were at the intersection that everyone talks about. Shibuya’s scramble crossing…where all traffic stops to let people walk through. People everywhere! This is in front of one of Japan’s busiest stations.

We made our way through, and entered anohter huge electronics store..typical stuff here.. There are a few 3D gadgets we haven’t (and probably won’t) see down in Australia.

3D HD Video Cameras
Real-3D TVs and Photo frames (No need for glasses – Bit weird to look at)
3D Digital cameras

Having seen most of this in Shinjuku’s stores, we went to to Shibuya 109 – A huge department store devoted to Women’s wear. Another 5-6 storey’s worth. Sarah had a good look around while I followed. Lots of japanese girls dressed up in all sorts of gear here, from your trashy torn ragged look to your really oldschool doyle look.

Tokyu Hands was next. This place is really something. 8 levels of all sorts of homewares, stationary, DIY, travel goods, materials, toys.. It was huge. We got about half way through before my feet (and Sarah’s back) started to give up on us and we needed to sit down. NO SEATS in this place!

Went to the closes Doutor’s (A coffee shop) where we got some sandwiches and OJ just to sit down. Unfortunately it was a smoking area and we were smashed left/right/centre with people smoking away.. My feet were happy though.

From here, we headed back to Shibuya Station and went back to Shinjuku.

Had a nap at the Hotel and then walked out to Takashimaya Times Square, which is also very close to the Hotel – Maybe 5 minutes walk? This place had another Tokyu Hands store where we finished the last few levels. By this time it was about 830PM and it was it was time to find something to eat.

There is a Ramen place right next to the hotel that I wanted to try, since it was full we went down a little furhter to find Hanamaru – A Udon noodle place. Ordered Ontama Bukkake – a special soy sauce udon dish with a boiled egg, and some tempura chicken and squid on the side. Very tasty.

Stopped off at a Family Mart (Convenience Store) and picked up some 8% alc canned drink…lemon/blood orange I think? Its called Strong Zero. Sarah got some Chocolate Strawberry Haagen-Dazs ice cream (tasted like strawberry chocolate you got in the Cadbury Roses box – It even went in the same order..Chocolate..then Strawberry..weird)

And that sum’s up Day 3.

The plan for tomorrow is to check out the Daiso/100yen store in Harajuku and then try to get to Akihabara.

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