Japan – Day 4

First stop, Harajuku. Thought it’d be best to take in the sights prior to the weekend (We’ll be back on Sunday to check out the Harajuku girls thing) and do some shopping. Walked down Takeshita St and stopped in at Daiso, the japanese equivalent of a $2 shop (except it was 4 floors bigger) and bought a few bits and pieces. At the end of Takeshita St lies Meiji Dori – Another strip of really doesn’t end here. First up was the Laforet shopping center.. Specifically Topshop – Sarah made a nice purchase here, then across the road to the YM Square Building’s Adidas store where we both bought some ‘Exclusive to Japan’ stuff.

I finally saw my first Kebab shop here too…

Back to Shinjuku for some food, Sarah got a photo with a cute japanese cat suit thing as we walked out..

We went back to the food court that was in Shinjuku Station, this time for some sweets. We decided on some awesome looking Macaroon’s and bought a 6 pack to take back to the hotel. The way the girl boxed them, tied a ribbon around the box, then wrapped the box in foam, and then put some ice/cool sachet into it, and then taped that..finally putting that into a plastic bag – was pretty neat. They take so much care with things, its really something else. It made you feel guilty just unwrapping the thing. In the end, they were delicious though..

So dropped bags off at hotel, went back to Hanamaru for some Udon and then it was off to Roppongi – Had a quick look around here, it was about 7pm and dark by now. Just stopped through to have a quick look around on the way to Akihabara. Lots of bars and strip shows around this area I think.

Akihabara, or Akiba – Was pretty cool. There was a huge Yodobashi Camera store (Same as the one we’ve been to in Shinjuku) – Still we had a quick look through. There were some “stick your head in and take a photo” displays outside, which we had to do..

We walked down to Book Off – A huge, 6 storey building filled with manga, dvds, magazines, books..somethign we’re begining to get used to.. Went up to the top floor, had a look at some of Japan’s weird adult manga, then went out again..Not much for us to see here as we don’t read Japanese.

We’d heard a lot of the massive adult stores around here, so had to check out M’s Tower – 7 floors (small floors) of all things sex/fantasy/adult related. Out front there were these anime girls with a whiteboard marker that you could use to write whatever in the speech bubbles. There were some pretty wild things in here.. We thought the fact that a lot of the dolls looked really young was a bit disturbing. Also, if you bought some of the cosplay/fantasy stuff and let the staff take a photo of you dressed up in it (there were displays of this on the staircases as you walked up) you would get a 30%
discount – Interesting. So to recap – 7 floors of DVDs, Toys, Dressup, Dolls and everything else you could imagine..

Having seen enough, we walked back out and saw a girl dressed up in a french maid outfit trying to get people to go up into a Maid Cafe called MaiDreaming. I’ve heard about these, they’re a cafe where you get your own little ‘assistant’ to make you coffee and bring you food, etc etc. Something I wanted to try out..maybe later down the track.

Time to head back to Shinjuku, so back to the JR station and onto a train to the hotel. The ‘Priority’ seats (for elderly, disabled, etc) that we were on – were heated! Only in Japan!

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