Japan – Day 6

Sunday. Fairly tired, decided to take things easy today.

After another Pao Pao feed (And Sarah hit up Paul’s bakery) We went back to Shibuya again. Saw Hachiko the dog and them up through one of the busy shopping streets.

Got a photo in the middle of the busy Shibuya Crossing on the way through.

Futher up the street – out of the blue – someone in a Ronald McDonald outfit wanders down the street..random!

Went to Parco shopping center, where Sarah picked up a nice bag from Betsey Johnson. This place is another huge shopping center devoted to womens clothing. We also came across some Juicy Couture stuff..I think they’re clearing out of Japan because everything was 50% off.. Nothing for Sarah though.

Headed back through the maze of streets, stopped through what looked to be a skate/surf shop – Picked up a Hurley jacket and the continued back to the station. Better drop our bags off first, and since it was a little early still – about 130PM – we decided to head back to the hotel and have a bit of a rest.

Went to Harajuku to see if we could spot some Harajuku girls, as well as visit the Meiji shrine. On the Jingu-bashi there were tons of tourists around, a handful of girls – Odd thing was there were these old guys there ..looked like they were ‘managing them’ – Didn’t feel real – They had signs up saying ask permission for photos, and these old men looked real scummy as well. By the looks of it, I saw them approach a few other girls that were dressed up and ask them for photos. I didn’t really know what to make of it, but I guess times have changed and perhaps most of the girls have moved on? Or maybe we just went at the wrong time. We just passed by and headed towards the shrine. Walked pass this big row of Sake barrels too, which was pretty cool. A bit of spiritual significance behind these, i’ve read.

A long walk, we passed through a few huge Torii (gates) and finally got to the shrine itself. There is a huge forrest around this place – very tranquil.

The shrine itself made the one we saw yesterday feel tiny. There were a heap of tourists everywhere so it was hard to get a good shot, so instead I’ll post up this one of the water fountain just before the entrance of the shrine. These are placed here because before you enter the compound, you should be ritually, spiritually purified – and Water purification is usually performed by scooping up water and cleaning your hands and mouth. (Not that we did this..)

We had a good look around here, then proceeded back to the Jingu-bashi to see if there were any more cosplay girls around.

I got some shots of a few of them. There was a mini crew there as well taking some photos of the girls, they had some pretty serious gear as well so I assume for a magazine or something.

Then this old man suddenly turned up with goldfish hanging from this bust on his head.. and got a bit of a crowd going:

Nothing else much happening around here, we went back down to the absolutely crowded Takeshita Dori – It was Crepe time. Shoving our way through the thick sea of asian’s and sparse caucasian tourists…

We finally got to the crepe stands. They offer you a lot of choice.. I think its cool there is a whole industry here centered around making plastic/rubber food for display, helping us tourists (probably) pick what we want.

The one I got was mega-creamy. Think I will settle for something less next time. There was another weird photoshoot happening up the alleyway here with some young girls and older men. I’m pretty sure they just ask these girls for photos. Again, I have no idea what was going on.. We saw these girls just wandering around later on, so I dont think they were affiliated at all. They must have been about 13-15. Strange?

Ate our crepes, walked back to the station and went back to Shinjuku..and so ends our 6th day. Oh we also went to Yodobashi Camera and picked up some moccasin’s with mops on the bottom of them – we thought would make a cool gift.. and I also got a HDMI to Mini-HDMI converter..specifically so I can take my camera to Sarah’s parent’s house to show photos on the TV a whole lot easier!

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