Japan – Day 8

Its sunny today, woo. We went all the way to Tokyo Dome City (I really wanted some rollercoaster action) and then when we got there..the place was pretty much deserted.

I got to an information desk and asked when “all this stuff” will open again, and was shown a piece of paper that read:

“Due to incident on January 30 the rides will remained closed. It has not been decided when they will be reopened”

Perfect. We wondered what incident had happened, later that night googled it and a Japanese guy died here that day. He fell out of a ride and it was being investigated as to whether it was the rider or parks fault. Not very good. From that I found this park has had a couple of other incidents as well. Maybe its better we didn’t go on anything here..

So that sucks, now where are we going to go? As this place was right next to Tokyo Dome..we walked past and had a quick look while heading back to the subway.

We decided on Odiaba – Theres a Sega Joypolis there which is supposed to be pretty cool. Also it was out on this man made island part of Tokyo which sounded interesting.

We trained it all the way out there, over the bridge and all (later found the subway was much easier and faster) and got some lunch at an Italian restaurant. It was REALLY good too. I had a lasagne and Sarah got a pizza. Sarah looks really happy in this photo…

They had a nice outdoor dining area with a decent view so I asked if I could go outside and take a snap, no one was out there, probably because it was freezing..still I thought i’d be polite.

After that, we paid the 500yen admission into Joypolis – and I had an ‘unlimited ride’ ticket (which cost an extra 3000yen) – Not bad. There wasn’t that much in there..Don’t think it was worth getting the 3000yen pass. Most rides were 600yen, and I only went on a few. First up was this mini-roller coaster where you are spun around in the cart while going around the track. Second was a Intial D driving game with real cars setup – WRX, AE86 and a FD RX7. Third was this athletic game. The attendant made us stretch before, as the point of the game was to run on these treadmills and hit a button for hurdles, long jump and a sprint. During the name entry, I accidently followed the two girls I was competing against, and must have selected ‘Female’ for my character. Hopefully that didn’t look too odd..anyway I won! Was pretty strange, and my leg muscles are still hurting..

There was a Prison Break thing as well, which I thought was pretty lame. The Japanese guy leading us through the ‘prison’ was pretty cool, he got right into it..The other japanese running along seemed pretty into it as well.

And thats all I went on..I must say before Prison Break I started to feel a bit off..It didn’t help waiting 10 minutes in line for a crap ride and then having to run through it.

Headed back out to the Decks complex, which is where all this stuff was..went out onto the actual deck outside and checked out the nice view of Tokyo.

Got back to the Hotel, and had some plans to meet up with Tim and Sachie again for some food (Jamaican..Sounded good too) and also another friend prior to that.. But I felt crap and couldn’t be bothered going anywhere after a pretty big day.

Had a good nap and then later in the night got up and felt a bit better..headed around the corner to get some dinner, thought we’d try this Sizeria place – Since I know people that work there back in Australia (Yes they have a factory in Melton..Not sure what they make and ship back to Japan though) – I had some hamburger meat dish (yep, just a hamburger patty) and Sarah had some pasta. Pretty crappy but it was cheap I guess and filled the stomach.

Had a quick walk around and went into the gaming part of Yodobashi Camera, saw all the Hori fight sticks they had and laughed at how cheap they were.. Wasted 200yen in a Mario capsule vending machine thing – Only to realise it was EMPTY!

Went back to hotel and went to bed..gotta get up early to get ready to check out and head to Osaka.

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March 9th, 2011 at 11:30 pm

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