Japan – Day 9

Got up about 10am, had something to eat and then checked out of the fabulous Hotel Sunroute in Shinjuku.

Pulled our baggage to the Shinjuku Train station and Sarah put an extra 1000 yen onto a Pasmo card, instead of a fare adjustment – Something to note! (We found out later Pasmo is only Tokyo)

Got on the Yamanote line to Shinagawa where we eventually found our Shinkansen platform. We were using the Nozomi service (express, fewest stops) on the Tōkaidō/Sanyō service. This train hits 300km/h..

I was a bit worried about how we would store our luggage (as space is limited, unless you can get the space behind the last row of seats) but ended up being fine. Whoever said the section above the seats is similar to that of an airplane should be shot. Our 55-60lt bags went up there no issues…assuming you can lift it up there.

The train ride was cool, I was trying to find my Blackberry to show GPS speed (Didn’t have an app on Iphone) and I couldn’t get the damn thing, it was burried in our luggage somewhere.

Very smooth ride, didn’t feel like it was going that fast..we went past some of the nice countryside and also saw Mt Fuji – had some clouds around it unfortunately.

Some parts of the track had some sprinklers going too, I assume to keep the track temperature stable in case the steel warps or something.

We passed through Shin-Yokohama, Nagoya and Kyoto before arriving at Shin-Osaka.

From here it was a pretty simple task to get to our hotel…Jump on the Midosuji line and get off at Namba. Only thing was at Namba it was a maze of department stores, subway lines, railway lines and bus lines. Evenutally found the lobby of the hotel.

The Swissotel Nankai Osaka – Is a world above where we stayed previously in terms of the size of our room, which is huge. Very nice with awesome views.

Only crap thing is we have to pay 1680yen for a day of internet – Might be a nice hotel but all the bits and pieces cost extra. 3000yen to use the pool/gym for example. The restaurants are also very expensive. However, not really an issue as we’d be eating out anyway.

The vending machine in the previous hotel was actually very handy, as the mini-bar costs 350yen for a coke, where as the vending machines have them for 150yen.

Once we were settled we had a look around, Had dinner at a place called Yayoiken – Curry Rice and stuff for me, and Sarah had some beef/egg/potato on Rice dish – Tasty, and around cost under 1500 yen.


Went and played a few games of SFIV at the Club Sega (Which we can see from the hotel room) – Had some success here tonight, won about 7 games and had a little streak going. Then played this Able and got destroyed. Doing stuff i’d never seen before…Very interesting. I attempted to have a little chat with the player who tried his best to explain some things with very limited english, if I knew Japanese I think I’d be able to learn a lot from these guys.

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March 10th, 2011 at 11:00 pm

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