Slice night @ My Aeon

Tim Ward invited me out tonight to catch up and take some photos at one of his gigs, a night called Slice. This particular night was held at My Aeon in Brunswick, a cool little lounge with no real indication thats even there. No sign, nothing.. Has a very underground feel.

Was good to take some shots in a new environment. The lighting in the place was a challenge. The 7D’s 6400 ISO worked well, full frame + faster glass would be a given if I were to do these more often. I worked with what I had and didn’t think the set came out too bad. There were some cool highlights from the coloured lights and flares that I captured, all in all a challenging place to take photos, good learning experience and good fun.

Here’s a couple from the set, have a look at the rest here on flickr.

Synchron 3

Slice Night

Aerobiotic 2


Stickleback 2

OK! Take me to the rest of the pics...

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April 30th, 2011 at 12:34 pm

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