SAU-Vic January Photoshoot

Here’s a selection of images that I took from the SAUVic cruise that ended up in Newport yesterday. Lots of nice cars and was good to have a chat with the owners.

Had a bit of a play with some lights as well, was an interesting challenge as the sun went down, exposures changed..Didn’t do to badly in the end.

The light setup I had going for these pretty much stayed static, I just moved cars in and out again. CBF’d being overly creative, just wanted to give the owners some photos of their rides..Didn’t matter to me that they were all in a similar style 🙂

430EX 1/16th @ 28mm pointing at the rear quarter panel
SB-26 1/16 @ 24mm pointing at the front quarter panel
SB-26 1/64 @ 85mm pointing at the front grill..This one was a bitch, depending on the car colour would either look shit or need to be dialed in again.

Black cars at night, are a particular challenge. Next time, it’d be easier to just paint it with a softbox I think.

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January 19th, 2012 at 8:33 pm

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