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Seb – AO Fishbrain

Sebastian Ruchay - AO FishbrainSebastian Ruchay – Alley-oop Fishbrain
Canon 40D | Canon 50mm(ƒ/1.8) | ƒ/5.6 | ISO 400| 1/100
Nikon SB-26 camera left far, 1/1 @ 35mm
Canon 430ex camera left/rear, 1/1 @ 50mm

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July 9th, 2010 at 12:11 am

Rampfest with Tom and Golder

As promised. Went to Rampfest today armed with my new CyberSync triggers to get a decent sequence shot.

Tom decided that a disaster back savannah would be sequence worthy..and it was huge! Loved how he crosses his legs WAY early. Came out pretty good. Cybersync’s did well triggering away at 6+ fps with no misfires. I also put my D.I.Y clamp to the test and it passed with flying colours. Definately need to use some Loctite on the bolts for my D.I.Y spigot as they came a little loose on a few occasions.

Mr. Golder decided to snake in as well..resulting in this gaze inducing 540 over the box.

Tom Coley-Sowry - Disaster Back SavTom Coley-Sowry – Disaster back savannah
Canon 40D | Tokina 10-17mm(ƒ/3.5-4.5)@10mm | ƒ/3.5 | ISO 400| 1/160s
Nikon SB-26 camera right, 1/8th @ 50mm, Canon 430EX camera left, 1/16th @ 35mm

Hayden Golder - Check this 540Hayden Golder – 540
Canon 40D | Tokina 10-17mm(ƒ/3.5-4.5)@10mm | ƒ/3.5 | ISO 400| 1/125s
Nikon SB-26 camera right, 1/8th @ 50mm, Canon 430EX camera left, 1/16th @ 35mm

Written by Aaron

November 13th, 2009 at 12:08 am

Paul C. Buff CyberSync Review

A quick look at the Paul C. Buff CyberSync remote triggers.

Transmitter – CST came with a 2.5mm to PC cord – To trigger the unit while keeping the hotshoe free.

Receiver – CSRB came with a host of cables, 3.5mm to PC, 3.5mm to 3.5mm, 3.5mm to 1/4.

CyberSync's - Transmitter(CST) + Receiver(CSRB)

Batteries included in all packages. They have colour boxes and printed manuals now to add a bit of spice to the packaging, and boxes/manuals are all generic to cut down on costs.

There’s no mounting hole on the receivers so I use ball bungee’s (You can get them at Bunnings) to strap them to the lightstand or flash as needed.

The test buttons are recessed into the plastic to stop accidental power ups in your bag. I have read of people gluing a small rubber washer around it just to be really tight ass. I don’t believe it’s necessary though.

The receivers have no OFF switch either. They time out after 1 hour. Every time you trigger them this is reset. I like this as with my last triggers, I left them on most of the time – forgetting to turn them off. They are supposed to have a 200 hour life off the 2x AA batteries they run on. (Update: As of June 2010 they are still on the original batteries)

The transceiver slots straight onto the hotshoe with no locking mechanism. The thought behind this is that if for some reason you knocked it off, the trigger would not tear off the hotshoe with it. (I can’t see that happening anyway) but its very sturdy and I think will last well. Time will tell as to how long it lasts as it wears..

Initial testing shows the units trigger perfectly when my 40D is on 6.3fps. Up to my flashes to keep up.

I’ll be heading out Thursday (12/11/09) to snap up some sequences and put these to work. I’ll post them up tomorrow so come back and check out the results then.

I was lucky enough to have these brought down to me from the US, so all up they cost me less than $250USD. In fact they were free, as I got $250USD from a work award that I won. Score!

Paul C Buff are now available in Australia via their online store –

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November 11th, 2009 at 12:14 pm

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CyberSync remote triggers

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I’ve got some CyberSync’s on the way from the US (off-camera flash triggers built by this guy) which I’m keen to put to the test. Cheaper than PocketWizards but not nasty like the cheap china triggers I also have.

I’ll have to modify my Canon 430EX as it doesn’t have a sync port (and I don’t want to use a hot-shoe adapter) – I’ll chuck up a small article on that as well when I get around to it.

In the meantime, I’m hunting around for another Nikon SB-26 strobe.

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October 27th, 2009 at 2:54 pm

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