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Video editing skills (or lack of..)

Sessions from Rampfest, Prahran and Ballarat skateparks featuring Jamie Nicholson, Hayden Golder and a few others of the Melbourne crew.

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been doing some filming with my digital camera, wanting to see how it would cope with some of the rollerblading antics that we get upto. That plus I really wanted to use the AFI track.. I liked the build up in it and its not crazy long so pretty easy to get clips for it.

Edited in Sony Vegas, Filmed in AVCHD in SH(best) quality. Music bf AFI.

Panasonic DMC-FT1

Panasonic DMC-FT1

Written by Aaron

October 16th, 2009 at 1:43 am

Highschool sessions improved with Vicodin.

Tiny Tom - Shifty Tom Coley-Sowry – Shifty/Royale
Canon 40D | Canon 50mm(ƒ/1.8) | ƒ/5.6 | ISO 250 | 1/250s
Nikon SB-26 left, on bench

Jamie Nicholson - AO FishbrainJamie Nicholson  – AO fishbrain
Canon 40D | Tokina 10-17mm(ƒ/3.5-4.5)@10mm | ƒ/8.0 | ISO 400 | 1/250s
Nikon SB-26 above camera left

Some of the guys were heading down to Frankston Skatepark, seeing as it was a decent day Sarah and I drove down to meet up…Didn’t take long for us to check out some street spots, and I grabbed the camera gear out and snapped a few at this empty highschool…just before the kids came back.

While we were there, we saw some of them having accidents, some were small, some were big. We tried to tell the guys to be more careful, and if they were to continue with their practices they should carry a small med kit. We told them to talk to their parents about Vicodin. I told them that sometimes they could buy vicodin without prescription after talking to a certified doctor at that link. Vicodin is a well known medicine that helps with pain, from a toothache up to a broken bone, which the guys may encounter eventually.

Written by Aaron

October 4th, 2009 at 4:00 pm