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My Fujifilm X100S Setup – Domke, Eye-Fi, Gaffa Tape!

I originally bought a Canon 17-40mm f4L to use with my 5DmkII with the theory that it would be  much lighter setup than lugging around my 24-70 f2.8L.

The problem was the Canon combo wasn’t that much lighter or compact… it would still be a pain. After looking around on some forums I came across a couple of months old 2nd hand Fujifilm X100S and decided to give it a shot. I sold off the 17-40 and haven’t regretted it yet!

Fujifilm X100S w/ Domke Gripper, Stacked Filters, Eye Mobi and Gaffers Tape.

Inspired by Mr Hobby @ Strobist I decided to gaffa (or gaffers) tape it up to give it a rough older more stealthy look. Gives some protection as well. In terms of protecting the front lens, I have two filters – one with the glass removed (this is required otherwise the lens will hit the glass while focusing) and the other on top of that. Saves me having to keep a lens cap on, though it does protrude a little. I also have a Filter Adapter Ring and Metal Lens Hood – this will let you use only filter – but it sticks out more so I don’t really use it.

With this setup, I can throw the camera around and not really worry. Gaffa tape protects the corners and the stacked filters protect the lens. It’s my home made Black Edition X100S lol.

DSCF2886               DSCF2907

Read the excellent Strobist In-Depth of the X100S here.

I’ve been using this camera for a few months now, it came to Japan with me earlier in the year and performed flawlessly. It’s low light ability is excellent for its size, ISO 6400 is usable and its size/weight makes it super portable. So much so I touched my 5DMkII probably twice since I got it.

My strap of choice is the Domke 1-Inch Web Strap with Swivel – Awesome because the main strap is swivel clipped on & can be removed to make a smaller strap if required. Woven rubber in the main strap also keeps it in place when slung too. It also features little leather tabs on the rings to protect them from scrubbing/scratching the camera body.

SD card is an Eye-Fi Mobi 16GB – Integrated with the X100S which has an Eye-Fi Transfer on/off feature – This saves battery when you don’t want to transfer any images.

About this card…firstly, it’d be a good feature if it actually worked! The setting doesn’t do anything at this stage – Something I have brought up with Eye-Fi Support who tell me they are looking into it. I found a post on DPReview that showed a firmware update fixed it but they made no mention of this in my support replies. Stay Tuned.

F1_2014_20140315-0068                  MS15_20140301-0038

In terms of Wifi transfer to an iPad or iPhone though, it works really well and is very easy to setup. You download an app, type in a code that you get with the card and it automatically will setup the Wifi Network on your phone – then off you go. As you take photos it will transfer to the phone when the App is active. Perfect. Unfortunately it doesn’t let you choose or browse what is on the card and selectively transfer images/videos – It will just send everything. (No RAW or vids over 2GB though)

If you’re interested in seeing more X100S photos – Check out my other X100S specific site – ex(100)es

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April 9th, 2014 at 1:36 am

JDMST Melbourne Meet – April 2012

Huge meet at the Essendon DFO tonight. A couple of hundred cars at least? Either way, impressive! I organised a bit of an MelbS15 premeet and we all rocked up in there to find most of the space packed already.

Not many photos for this, I was honestly stuffed from shooting at Sandown all day. Here’s what I did get.

















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April 29th, 2012 at 11:08 pm

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Day Six

Day Six

Headed out to the city tonight due to boredom. I actually spent a fair whack of time trying to recover images from my CF card after I accidently shift-deleted a whole set accidently (Sandisk RescuePRO is my savior). Here is a quick shot of a friend at Treasury Place on the top of Collins St in Melbourne. A bit of a Dustin Diaz inspiration here with the Bokeh.

430EX camera left 1/8th @ 80mm, triggered by cybersyncs. Placed about 45 degrees and 2m from subject. Camera to subject is about another 3m.

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January 7th, 2012 at 3:34 am

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DIY Beauty Dish

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Made a beauty dish! Inspired by the guys over at IShootShows’s – The Best DIY Beauty Dish

47cm Mixing Bowl = $12
8cm Aluminium Pizza Tray = $7
From London and American Supplies in Elizabeth St, Melbourne

Nuts, Bolts, Spraypaint = $20
Dremel cutting wheel kit = $30
From Bunnings Warehouse – All across australia

Speedlight adapter = $30
From eBay!





Some photos that I’ve shot with this thing:



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November 12th, 2011 at 2:23 pm

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No caption, need help!

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No idea.
Nikon SB-26 1/2@24mm into silver umbrella, camera left.
Nikon SB-26 1/8@85mm, above camera right.

Playing with some lighting, as you do!

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September 3rd, 2011 at 3:38 am

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