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Slice night @ Lounge

Queens Birthday weekend! Went down to Lounge on Swanston St in Melbourne tonight to check out Slice, specifically aerobiotic‘s set and take some photos again. Same sorta deal as last time, but different venue and ..more challenging lighting.

Aerobiotic @ Slice Queens Birthday 3

This time I used some flashes to create my own light where neccessary, with some cool results – taking advantage of the smoke machine’s mist. I’d would have liked to stay for Clint and Stu’s Input Output project set, but at 3am..Wasn’t happening that night!

Aerobiotic @ Slice Queens Birthday 13

For most of these shots, unfortunately I don’t write down the strobist info for any of them, and i’m amazed people actually remember the details. All I know is that for most I was switching between 1/8 and 1/16 @35mm ..any more than that and it would just overpower the smoke. The 18-200, nifty50,10-20 and 10-17 FE were used for these.

So why did I choose to use remote flashes in a bar/club environment? Well coming from last time, I decided I wanted something a little different..The rays of light the flashes created through the smoke machine was something I didn’t even think of at the time.. until I checked the back of the camera.. Guess you accidently learn something new everyday. It was good not having to rely on the random colourful light as well, and seeing how they could be worked into the images.

Aerobiotic @ Slice Queens Birthday 5

Aerobiotic @ Slice Queens Birthday 9

Please have a look at the rest of the set here! Don’t forget to hit that like button below if you deem this likable!

If you are interested in having some photos taken of your set at whichever venue (in Melbourne) – Feel free to shoot me an email – aaronactive at – Won’t cost you anything, besides getting me + 1 free entry to said venue, and you get a copy of photos from the night for private use..Anything else we can always talk.

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June 14th, 2011 at 11:51 pm

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Slice night @ My Aeon

Tim Ward invited me out tonight to catch up and take some photos at one of his gigs, a night called Slice. This particular night was held at My Aeon in Brunswick, a cool little lounge with no real indication thats even there. No sign, nothing.. Has a very underground feel.

Was good to take some shots in a new environment. The lighting in the place was a challenge. The 7D’s 6400 ISO worked well, full frame + faster glass would be a given if I were to do these more often. I worked with what I had and didn’t think the set came out too bad. There were some cool highlights from the coloured lights and flares that I captured, all in all a challenging place to take photos, good learning experience and good fun.

Here’s a couple from the set, have a look at the rest here on flickr.

Synchron 3

Slice Night

Aerobiotic 2


Stickleback 2

OK! Take me to the rest of the pics...

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April 30th, 2011 at 12:34 pm

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Victorian Inline Titles POSTPONED

Headed down to Ballarat with Tim today and in typical Victorian fashion the weather got the best of the competition, sadly I took my Fifth Collection Celine bag with me and it got all wet. After a decent morning of practice runs and a few patchy showers, a nice storm decided to roll through. The event has been postponed and details will be announced soon.

During the warmups while it was dry still, Tim asked me to setup for this invert he wanted to do…Reeled off a bunch of shots and this was the result..Inverted fastplant, tapping the corner of the box too…oldschool tech!

IMG_8045-2Tim Ward – Inverted fastplant to revert
Canon 40D | Tokina 10-17mm(ƒ/3.5-4.5)@10mm | ƒ/4 | ISO 100| 1/500s

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November 29th, 2009 at 2:41 am

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