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VicDrift Practice – 15 June 2013

Here’s some shots from my first VicDrift event. Lots of throwaways as I like the car in each shot to be sharp (most of the time anyway) and at slower shutter speeds it gets a bit spray and pray. A forgiving part of digital I guess. I’m not worried too much about framing each shot, I do try to place the subject in the general quarter of the frame that I’m wanting but typically I’ll just crop it the way I want after.

Full set is here, a few extra details on some images shown below.

Canon 5DmkII | Canon 400mm(ƒ/2.8) | ƒ/5 | ISO 50 | 1/125s
I’ve known Jarrod from JRM Photography for awhile now and he had his beast 400mm 2.8 II out there.


Canon 5DmkII | Canon 400mm(ƒ/2.8) | ƒ/10 | ISO 50 | 1/60s
Gave it a crack and I can see why its the mother of motorsport lenses. Would love to try this lens panning from a further distance. Super sharp shots!


Canon 5DmkII | Canon 24-70mm (ƒ/2.8) | ƒ/9 | ISO 50 | 1/60s
Threw on the 24-70 for a bit of a wider view and catch both cars in frame. Could have probably cropped it a bit better now that I look at it.

Canon 5DmkII | Canon 70-200mm(ƒ/2.8) | ƒ/9 | ISO 50 | 1/30s
Smoke is nicely in frame in this one.

Canon 5DmkII | Canon 70-200mm(ƒ/2.8) @ 200mm| ƒ/14 | ISO 100 | 1/30s
The whole car is tack sharp in this frame, probably my fave of the day…along with the shot below.

Canon 5DmkII | Canon 70-200mm(ƒ/2.8) @ 200mm | ƒ/16 | ISO 50 | 1/30s
Lucky shot here with the numberplate clear through the smoke…

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June 18th, 2013 at 12:40 pm

MelbS15 Track Day #2


MelbS15 is a forum that I started for car enthusiasts, mostly owners of the Nissan 200SX/Silvia S15. A fellow member,
Manny Su – Had arranged with Tampered Motorsport to have a bunch of us go up there and battle it out on the track.

3:45AM – Alarm goes off… Yep must be another track day. Lucky I’m not driving this time around! I had the luxury of being a passenger in the back seat of an STi.

Stayed until the last session, didn’t leave till around 5pm which is pretty late, but I made sure to sleep with my pregnancy pillow amazon as soon as I got home. Was unfortunate to hear about all the Highway cops out on the way back pulling people over.

Top 10 S15 lap times:
1. evilsub – 1:37.767
2. PhoenixGSR – 1:37.8260
3. Sheng – 1:43.205
4. Bobi_t – 1:43.376
5. gmr – 1:44.844
6. phuongz – 1:47.430
7. projekt – 1:48.072
8. aussieBaller – 1:49.873
9. [S15GT] – 1:49.985
10. sabbadin – 1:50.106

All are available for purchase – Print or Digital files available. If you’re interested in buying a shot or two, drop me an email or hit me up via the Facebook page with the name of the image you’re interested in.

Took a bunch of photos throughout the day, and they speak louder than let’s get onto it. One some of the shots I’ll write a little Behind The Scenes (BTS) blurb with a little bit on the why’s and how’s.

Check out the entire set here on fLickr.

Luke, Evan, Ricky and Jenny rolling up nice and early.


Dan and Joey getting their hands dirty on Joey’s S13 running 285 wide tyres all round!

Winton veterans Vu (Gold/Black S15) and Manny (Cherry Red Chasers S15) battling it out.
BTS: 1/60 @ f9, ISO 125 – Since these two are always pushing each other, I was looking for some different angles to try and get a shot with both of them in it..esp when panning.

Kenny has a 180SX front-end conversion on his S15. Looks awesome.

The pits. Where everyone usually eats, talks, gets their hands dirty and chills out.

BTS: 1/640 @ f2.8, ISO 250 – Not panning this time, so upped shutter speed to try and catch some cool little details. In this shot, you can see the outside rear tyre sidewall flexing through the corner and the car’s lean throughout the corner.

Vu in his track beast with a very unique gold/black paint job. Passenger using the rollcage as jesus bar..
BTS: 1/125 @ f4, ISO 100 – Mixing up where you stand is important to try and get different angles. There were basically no one at this part of the track. Due to the location, didn’t need that slow a shutter speed so panning wise its actually quite fast.

Not just S15’s here – Ben’s very capable S2000 set a PB of 1:40.102 on street tyres.

Subtle Toyota 86 sitting in the car park.

Datto with a rotary conversion. Sounded insane and I love the ghetto chain holding the rear muffler up.

Ian having a little run in with the dirt.
BTS: 1/40 @ f8, ISO 100 – Gotta make sure that finger is ready to up your shutter speed if you see an ‘incident’ – In this instance I decided to leave it super slow and see what I could grab of this car coming off and kicking dust/dirt up everywhere!

Supra owned by Jian ran a best on the day of 1:43.721
BTS: 1/40 @ f9, ISO 50 – Panning at a distance, again just trying to mix it up a little.

Interesting little Mini.

Check out the entire set here on fLickr.

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June 11th, 2013 at 10:19 pm

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Melbourne Color Run 2012

Melbourne Color Run 2012

Photos: The full set is on flickr and here on facebook, enjoy!

The Melbourne Color Run inaugural event was held this year at Flemington Racecourse. Though I didn’t enter (Sarah did) I tagged along despite not feeling the best this weekend to take some photos (It’s been awhile…)

This event  was a heap of fun actually, considering there was no alcohol (that I saw) around the people were all pretty pumped. Great atmosphere, I also had to keep up with my health thanks to the Inspire support groups so it was perfect, ever since I started taking the products from black seed oil review I take care more of myself, not to mention how I used to lose my hair every day, I started using black castor oil for hair growth, and it has done wonders!

The finish festival is where most of the action happened – participants gather around a stage with a DJ (colour packs were constantly thrown out to the dancing crowd) who coordinated (and some times not so coordinated) the people to go spastic with the powder simultaneously – resulting in a pretty spectacular display of colour exploding everywhere.

Melbourne Color Run 2012

I did get into one part of the course where the Blue station was. There were many other colour stations setup but this was the only accessible one, partly due to non-existent security. Volunteers had barrels of the colour, which they loaded into what I’d call huge sauce bottles to squirt those who were running by. This  made for some hilarious photos of people getting shot in the face…

Melbourne Color Run 2012

After I left that area the security guards were out and that would be that, glad I got a few rippers from that area though.

So photo wise, I shot on shutter priority for most of the event. Powder, things shooting out, all fast paced stuff which you’d want to freeze so 1/500th to 1/1500th is what I stuck with. Lots of contrast/levels adjustments to really make the colour pop in this set. It’s all very contrast-y as you can probably tell.

Melbourne Color Run 2012

One thing I didn’t think about was the powder. To be honest I hadn’t done any research into this event and just rocked up for some fun. The powder gets in EVERYTHING. No problem for the environmental shielding of the 5D2 and 24-70/70-200 so I wasn’t really concerned. Just had to be careful when changing lenses if there was a huge cloud of the crap coming my way. Some other photographers there went to pretty great lengths to tape up and bag up their gear though. Also noticed many GoPro’s around too.

The full set is on flickr and on facebook, enjoy!


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November 26th, 2012 at 12:12 am

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ANB Natural Mania Physique Championships – May 2012

My wife has been into the whole body sculpting thing for awhile now and I finally decided to check out a competition, she went earlier in the morning (There to support a competitor) and I decided to head out around lunchtime. Unfortunately only just saw the end of the Men’s comp’s so most of the set is from of the Women categories.

Some very passionate and dedicated individuals at this event and it had a great atmosphere. Congratulations to all the competitors!

Catch the rest of the images here (or on Facebook here – Feel free to tag away)  and as usual hit the Facebook Like button (on the right there) if you like what I do and/or what you see!

If you’re interested in purchasing any images please send me an email or hit me up on Facebook.

ANB Natural Mania Physique Championships

ANB Natural Mania Physique Championships

ANB Natural Mania Physique Championships

ANB Natural Mania Physique Championships

ANB Natural Mania Physique Championships

ANB Natural Mania Physique Championships

ediatrician In Wylie

Photo Insight:

Photo wise its a pretty ‘warm’ stage colour temp wise.  Had to watch those highlights as all the bronze/tan that the competitors had really blew out at times. I rarely strayed away from ISO800 the 70-200 2.8 IS. Worked with an aperture range of about 3.5 to 5 with a decent shutter speed anywhere from 1/250 to 1/400. Good to freeze this stuff  to really show that muscle definition and get that sharpness. Colour temp was brought down a LOT on these shots to make it look a little more natural. Slight adjustments in saturation and vibrance too.

As I was just sitting in the crowd (in the first couple of rows) there’s a few shots with some judges heads in the way – Not much I can do about that, and since these are happy snaps it didn’t bother me that much. There are some tight crops giving some odd sizes that I normally wouldn’t do, but I felt it was important in selected images to isolate the subject.

Kiss Goodbye to MS and Sandown Update

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It has been a busy few days. I was at Federation Square today shooting for MS Australia’s Kiss Goodbye to MS Campaign which was awesome – Got to meet and have a chat to comedian Tim Ferguson, 2011 Australian of the Year Simon McKeon and DJ/Model/TV Personality Georgia Sinclair! Donated my time for the cause and it was a great day (and a long one… was there from 730am to 3pm snapping away!)

Big thanks to Elfreda @ Scarlet Media for the hookup!

Saturday was spent down at Sandown Raceway for the WRX Club Trackday. Lots of awesome cars and got to speak with a few of the owners. Handed out some cards as well so, if you are reading this and have one of my cards – Make sure to go read this Sandown update for photos from the day and purchasing information!

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May 2nd, 2012 at 1:17 am

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